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1250 sterile, low retention-filter

1250 sterile, low retention-filter

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Cat# L1250F.
Size 6x96
Picture Cat# Product Name Size Price Qty
10ul sterile, low retention (Filter) L10F 10ul sterile, low retention (Filter) 10x96
20ul sterile, low retention (Filter) L20F 20ul sterile, low retention (Filter) 10x96
200ul sterile, low retention (Filter) L200F 200ul sterile, low retention (Filter) 10x96
1250 sterile, low retention-filter L1250F 1250 sterile, low retention-filter 6x96

    • Specially developed PE filters for pipetting application
    • Free from chemical additives
    • Stops aerosols & contamination from entering into pipette and thus lessen
    • The risk of cross-contamination
    • Permeability is controlled by the combination of pore size and filter length*
    • Suitable for PCR and microbiology work
    • Minimum retention = Maximum accuracy
    • No Silicon additives = No leaching