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Gel/PCR DNA Extraction Kit

Gel/PCR DNA Extraction Kit

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Cat# DF300
Size 300 preps


    The Gel/PCR DNA Fragments Extraction Kit is a Gel Extraction Kit and PCR Cleanup Kit in 1 convenient system. This Gel Extraction Kitwill recover or concentrate 70 bp-20 kb DNA fragments from agarose gel, PCR, or other enzymatic reactions. For processing 10-50 kb DNA fragments, the Presto™ Max Gel/PCR Kit is available. For processing 40-200 bp DNA fragments, the Small DNA Fragments Extraction Kit is also available. The Gel/PCR DNA Fragments Extraction Kit uses chaotropic salt to dissolve agarose gel and denature enzymes. DNA fragments in the chaotropic salt are bound by the glass fiber matrix of the gel/pcr spin column. Contaminants are removed with a Wash Buffer (containing ethanol) and the purified DNA fragments are eluted by a low salt Elution Buffer, TE or water. Salts, enzymes and unincorporated nucleotides can be effectively removed from the reaction mixture without phenol extraction or alcohol precipitation and the purified DNA is ready for use in subsequent reactions such as Fluorescent and Radioactive Sequencing, PCR, Restriction Enzyme Digestion, DNA Labeling and Ligation, Microarray and Transfection.


    Advantages (Cat. # DF100, DF300)
    • High Efficiency: up to 90% recovery from agarose gels and up to 95% recovery from PCR products or other enzymatic reactions
    • Convenient: gel extraction kit and PCR cleanup kit in one
    • Only 20 minute gel extraction or 10 minute PCR cleanup
    • Sample Size: up to 300 mg of agarose gel slice or up to 100 μl of PCR products
    • Broad Fragment Size Range: 70 bp–20 kb
    • Gel/PCR glass fiber spin columns (blue membrane optimized for both gel extraction and PCR cleanup)
    • Storage: dry at room temperature (15-25ºC) for up to 1 year


    Fluorescent and Radioactive Sequencing, PCR, Restriction Enzyme Digestion, DNA Labeling and Ligation, Microarray, Transfection


    • DF Buffer
    • W1 Buffer
    • Wash Bufffer
    • Elution Buffer (10 mM Tris-HCl, pH8.5 at 25ºC)
    • DF Columns
    • 2 ml Collection Tubes

    Quality Control

    The quality of the Gel/PCR DNA Fragments Extraction Kit is tested on a lot-to-lot basis according to Geneaid's ISO-certified quality management system. DNA fragments are purified from either agarose gel, PCR products or other aqueous solutions and analyzed by electrophoresis.