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BLooK LED Transilluminator


BLooK is a remarkable blue light LED transilluminator for the detection of nucleic acids or protein under non-UV conditions. The wavelength of the special blue LED lights is 470 nm (fig 1), hence no damage to your nucleic acids or protein. Also, since UV is not used, there is no need for any special personal eye or skin protection. The blue LED lights are arranged under the viewing area (200 × 120 mm). An amber filter, on hinges, is lowered into position once your gel is mounted. The stained gel is now ready for viewing. This instrument has a specially designed ergonomic 4° angle, so users can easily sit on a chair to see the experiment results. BLooK is designed to view the gel after running electrophoresis on the gel stained with the Novel Juice, Novel Green, Novel Green Plus, Nimble Juice or Nimble Juice RTYPE. Further, it is perfectly designed for OnePCRTM, OnePCRTM HiFi, OnePCRTM HotStar, OnePCRTM Plus, OneMARK B, and OneMARK 100, which contains the fluorescent stain compatible with the blue light wavelength.

Cat#Product NameSizePriceAction 
BLK001 BLook LED Transilluminator 1 unit  599 $ Add To Cart
LD001-1000 Novel Juice 1 ml  75 $ Add To Cart
21141 RedSafe Nucleic Acid Staining Solution 1ml  75 $ Add To Cart
MB203-0100 OnePCR 100 rxns (2 x 1.25 ml)  49 $ Add To Cart
DM110-0100 OneMARK B 50 μg /500 μl  49 $ Add To Cart